Board Positions Becoming Available – We Need You!

Our Starbuck Recreation Association is celebrating more than 40 years of community services, including hockey, ringette and curling.  We started in 1974 as natural ice and after 15 years an artificial ice plant was installed.  As you will no doubt remember we were forced to replace that ice plant in 2016.  We accomplished this significant fund raising challenge because of the dedicated volunteers on our board at the time.  In fact the Starbuck Recreation Association was awarded both a Provincial and National Recreation Award for their successful efforts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the board members again for their tireless efforts to keep our facilities open and implement important upgrades.  Many of these hard working board members would like to step down in order to pursue other interests.  

It is vitally important that the board at the Starbuck Recreation Association reflect the ideals and priorities of the community at large. For this to occur we need to attract new community members to replace departing board members. For this reason I am inviting community members, that are interested in serving on the board for a two year term, to contact me at (204) 479-3187.


Kevin Nixon, President Starbuck Recreation Association | (204) 479-3187

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