This year with COVID-19 we have had to make the decision to close the canteen at the rink, this decision was not taken lightly and we spent a long time within our recreation board discussing options to keep the canteen open over this season but in regards to the guidelines given to us by the RM and by the province we found it was not sustainable to be able to implement these regulations in the space we have. We focused our efforts to ensure a successfully opening of the rink with as much support for running the main services for the facility but this did mean that we had to make some sacrifices.

Like every year we would like to thank our volunteers that make the canteen possible and hope we will see you all volunteer next year when we hope to be able to accommodate the re-opening of the canteen again.

Please Note

When coming to the the rink remember to bring your own snacks and drinks as the canteen is completely closed and we have removed all drinks or snack machines from the premises as part of the COVID-19 protocols.

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