Rink Final Countdown To End of Season – Saturday 23rd March

As the season draws to an end and the signs of spring and summer are showing, we would like to say thank you to all our volunteers, staff, and people that have attended the rink this year.

We have our End of Season Disco Skate on March 23rd 7:00pm – 9:00pm where we have new added light and sound as well as the canteen which will be open and selling items at reduced prices.

After that event our plant will be shut down for the season and the doors closed until next season, please remember though we will be opening up on April 10th for our AGM where you can have your say and can volunteer to make your rink better!

Remember although the Rink is closing the Recreation Association will be running summer games taking part in the RM’s Soccer and Baseball programs, and you will see the usual activities held in our public park.

From all of us on the Recreation Board thank you to everyone and have a great summer.

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